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Smokeurobinson presents....The Bible Movie

Those who do not believe in the Bible cannot deny that when read like a book The Bible is a great read depicting the metephoric and poetic way humans use their power for good and bad. God represents the higher thought in man while The Devil represents the lower desires of man. And to those who do believe in the Bible, history has proven that Jesus was Black. When Jospeh and Mary were hiding amongst the Egyptians, baby Jesus had to be a child of color because a white baby would have seriously stood out. The popular images of white Biblical figures came from the European renaissance and those influences spread to America and that is why a Caucasiun man is the popular image of Jesus in America today. To deny history is to deny yourself. How can one fully accept the word if the word has been tainted with false imagery? Whats my point? In my self-reproragming from the many lies I've been told in life, I've found myself putting black faces on biblical figures when i read The Bible. I broke the Bible down in the form of a movie franchise. Many of the faces consist of well known actors who I feel would play the characters part perfectly. Others are just faces that, though might not be the best actors, I feel just sit right in terms of how the character would have looked.

1st installment, Movie title: The Genesis

summer 2014

Wesley Snipes = Adam

The Movie starts of with James Earl Jones as the voice of God telling Adam to rise and Wesley Snipes rises out of the dirt (James Earl Jones would be perfect because the Whiteman has made him most popular for being the voice of darkness...this would be a way of sticking it to the man by having him as God) Hip Hop legend Rakim has the perfect look of what Adam might have looked like as the first man but he's a lil too light to be an "original man" plus he's short and Wesley is dark and kinda looks like he could be Rakims older brother and he's of height and he knows Martial Arts and we would figure Adam was a master of his body and mind so Wesley would be perfect as Adam. Wesly is slim yet toned and I'd assume God had Adam as a regular shape like Wesley. When talking to God Adam doesn't speak with his mouth, he uses telepathy. All the animals communicate with him Adam using telepathy as well.

God shows Adam the story of creation (can u see the special effects?)

Clarence Williams III = Satan/The Devil

And when he introduces Adam to all the angels and they are told to bow down Clearence williams speaks out against it and we are introduced to The Devil (He seriously pulled off being a demon in Tales From The Hood..I can see Clearence Williams using all types of slick intellect in his dialog as Satan)


Eve = Maia Campbell

Chocolate complexion...Beautiful face.....the body is a 10....perfect breast......and she got pretty feet. And on top of all of that she looks excellent without makeup. When God made the first woman she had to have been made to perfection and Maia has that look of that girl a man would be proud to bring home to mom. Maia seemed perfect that is until she faced a scandle and thats why she would be prefect as Eve. The perfect wife does something one would never expect, in Eve's case it was introducing mankind to downfall, toil, pain and temporary banishment from paradise.

Djimon Hounsou = Cain

The guy from Amistad who always has that look on his face like he's hating on something. Going off The fact that he kept his balls cool by swimming in Russel Simmons pool, Djimon Hounsou would be the perfect first hater, Cain. He's Big and Black, hell he's African. He'd give off the impression that Adam as an "Original Man" had strong offspring.

Cle Sloan = Abel

Cain and Able were polor opposites. So the focus on who would be Cain would depend on looks. That cat from Eve's "Gangster Lovin" video who also handed Denzel a gun and told him he had to put in his work in the movie Traing Day....He looks like the type that knows whats up but he's humble. Put some dreads on him and he'd be the perfect Abel

Eamon Walker = Noah

When he played Kareem Said on the HBO show Oz he came off as wiseman who had a divine aura that was slept on by the authorities. I can picture people mocking him as he tells them that a great storm will destroy the Earth

Lot (Abrahams Nephew) = Samual L Jackson

I can hear Samual screaming at everyone to hurry out of Sodom and Gommorah before the raining fire and brimstone.

Lots wife = Angella Basset

Watching Angella Basset turn into a pillar of salt after looking back at Sodom and Gommorahs destruction while Samual Jackson cant do anything but keep running will be an emotional scene.

Morgan Freeman = Abraham.

He's perfect. Says it right ther when the story of Abraham begins Gen12:4 - Abram was 75 years old when he left Haar. Wise old man. Morgan Freeman has already shown the world that he can play a respected authority figure. This is the role he was destined to play.

Sarah (Abrahams wife) = Gabriele Union

Sarah was described as beautiful and being that Gabby has that "I can be a real B*tch" look in her face and The Bible makes it seem as if she was abusing and beating on her slave, Hagar, out of jealousy for having Abraham's first son, Gabby fits the role perfect.

Hagar (Sarahs maiden) = Trinidad Mann
I can see Trinidad looking at Sarah(Gabby) with that scornful smirk after giving birth to Abraham(Morgan Freemans) first son, knowing Sarah couldnt have any kids.

Ishmael(Hagar and Abrahams 1st son) = Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Ishmael...The father of the Arabs.....Is this where all the Muslim/Jewish tension stems from???.....The Bible said "his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren" Is this where the propaganda attacks on Islam that are in America stems from? Ismael was prophesied to be a "wild man" when he grew up and Adebisi was from Africa and was as wild as they come.

Issac (Abrahams 2nd son) = Morris chestnut

Tall and Dark....yeah he could play Issac...Sarah couldn't have any kids but to show Abraham that God was no joke and that he could do whatever he wanted, he opened Sarahs womb and gave Abraham a second son. And Abraham loved Issac so much that God tested Abraham by commanding him to offer Issac as a human sacrifice(When God wants your loyalty...He goes for the jugular).

Rebekah (Issacs Wife) = Andretta Lyle

Andretta is perfect because she starts off young and gets old in the end and if u remember "Madea Goes To jail"..Andretta was 29 playing the role of a 16 year old so she can pull it off. She was presented as a virgin and Andretta has that innocent look down to a tee. Plus she has that shady look about her so when she tricks Issac into blessing Jacob over Esau it works.

Esau (Issacs son and twin brother to Jacob) = Idris Elba

This guy is good at playing roles where he is on the short end of the stick (28 weeks Later/Daddys Little Girls/American Gangster/The Wire). So he'd be perfect for playing Easu.

Jacob aka Israel (Issacs son and twin brother to Esau) = Larenz Tate

Seperation of church and state, yet Isreal is one of the most important figures in history as well as world news. Why is Isreal such a political figure in world news? Could it be because Isreal was the first known civilization? Could it be that Isreal was also named Jacob and God promised that his name would reign forever? Is the connection coincidental? Tate is perfect as Jacob. Esau and Jacob were polor opposites. Esau is strong and vicious. Jacob was presented as not as strong and vicious when it comes to appearence. Abraham favored Esau and Easu was supposed to be succesor but because Issac was tricked Jacob was succesor. But thats the way God wanted it and so it was.

Laban (Jacobs Uncle) = Ernie Hudson

The way he played an asshole with authority on the show Oz he'd be perfect as Laban. When Laban tricked jacob into marrying Leah instead of Rachel after working for him for 7 years he cornered him by making Jacob work another 7 years for Rachel. Real asshole type ish. Ernie is perfect.

Leah (Labans 1st daughter/Jacobs 1st wife) = Frenchy

Leah and Rachel were also polor opposites. Jacob loved Rachel and didnt really care for Leah like that. Yet Leah was having all of his babies while Rachel couldnt produce at all, making Jacob dislike Leah even more. The Bible doesn't give strong descriptions but I assume Rachel was way more attractive then Leah by how Laban tricked Jacob into marrying her on top of how Jacob was more attracted to Rachel. So Frenchie, being a heavy set girl who seems pushy like, would be perfect playing Leah. The way she was scorning Rachel after having Jacobs babies is something I can see Frenchie doing

Rachel (Labans 2nd daughter/Jacobs 2nd wife) = Jennifer Freeman

Jacob was strung out over Rachel. She's described as innocent and pushover like. Jennifer has that innocent look so when Leah scorns Rachel I could see Jennifer putting on those sad faces after watching her sister plop out Jacobs babies like popcorn kernels while she couldnt conceive at all.

12 Tribes of Israel

Reuban(Jacobs 1st son from Leah) = Delroy Lindo

Simeon (Jacobs 2nd son from Leah) = Ving Rhames

Levi (Jacobs 3rd son from Leah ) = Michael Kenneth Williams

Dinah (Jacobs only daughter born from Leah )= Tatiyana

Tatyana has that innocent look and being that she played the naive role well on top of looking like she had just gotten raped after kissing Bobby Brown on the mouth in the movie "Nora's Hair Salon" She'd be perfect as Dinah. I can see Ving Rhames and Omar from The Wire arguing to Jacob justifying why they killed all the men and destroyed the city of Shechem to keep their sisters honor after she was deflowered by the Prince.

Judah(Jacobs 4th son from Leah) = Michael Beach

Tamar = Stacey Dash

Being that she was covered up Judah had to be seduced by the prostitute's/his daughter In Law's eyes and Stacey is the only person I can think of that has those hypnotizing eyes to where even the holiest of men can break

Dan (Jacobs 5th son from Rachels maidservant)= Marcus Chong

Naphtali (Jacobs 6th son from Rachels maidservant) = Mel jackson

Gad (Jacobs 7th son from Leah's maidservant) = Omar Epps

Asher (Jacobs 8th son from Leah's maidservant) = Samuel Monroe Jr.

Issachar (Jacobs 9th son from Leah) = Mos Def

Zebulun (Jacobs 10th son from Leah) = Sean Patrick Thomas

Young Jospeph = Rashad Orange

Joseph (Jacobs 11th son by Rachel) = Dino Hanson

Dino can play that cool cat as well as pull off the A- Hole role. Plus Jospeh was described as "well-built and handsome." Dino got this one.

Benjamin (Jacobs 12th son by Rachel) = Tequan Richmond

Pharoah = Henry Simmons

Henry's most notable role is from NYPD Blue where he played a cop. Pharoah was stern when he needed to be and cool when he needed to be sorta like a hard working cop would be.

Pharoahs' wife = Issa Bayaua

If Issa was to seduce the average man, he'd more then likely go for it. I figure Pharoahs wife must have had the look of an Egyptian Goddess, and being that Joseph was turning down her advances of seduction I would assume that her beauty must have been something where turning her down was a task in itself.


2nd installment, Movie Title: Exodus

winter 2014

Egyptians putting hard bondage on The Isrealites aka Jacobs' descendents

Young Moses = Chris Rel

Moses = Larry Fishburne

The 2nd installment involves the future generations of Jacobs children (The 12 Tribes Of Isreal) who exiled to Egypt now being enslaved under the Egyptioan Pharoah who didnt recognize Jacobs importance due to the Egyptians worshiping foreign gods. Moses was sent to lead the Israelites out of the bondage they were under. Thru a staff turning into a snake, 10 plagues, a big ocean splitting in half so that the Hebrews could escape from Pharoahs chariots and kill Pharoah on top of that, the miracles performed under Moses was for the Hebrews(israelites) to acknowledge that God was real and that He truly has selected them as his favorite people due to the promise He kept with their great great grand pappy Jacob. The Hebrews had to be tested due to the fact that while under Egyptian rule they were in fluenced by the Egyptians in worshipping false gods, So God had them wander in the desert in which they would constantly forget the miracles. God made it rain bread, he would walk with them in the form of a cloud and give them victory in battle against those from city's along the path who chose to oppose them with armys more equiped and larger then them and the Hebrews would still forget all the miracles...Because the Hebrews kept slipping and failing the test of endurance the journey in the desert lasted 40 years when it really didnt have to be that long. This story is pretty much similiar to The Matrix being that the people were once so enslaved to the point that they actually wanted to go back to slave living when freedom seemed to much of a heavy task for them. And being that Neo was Jesus and Morpheus was Moses......Larry Fishburne got this.

Aaron = Mykelti Williamson

Aaron was Moses brother and right hand man. Tho recognized as Bubba Gump and a crakchead, Myketi proved he can play the authority figure in the movie Three Kings.

Pharoah = Tony Todd

Pharoah was hard headed as hell. You would think after the first 9 plagues he woulda saw the light but Noooooooooooooo!! Nearly everyone around him figured out that God wasn't playing but Pharoah wasn't hearing it. Tony could pull off being The Pharoah of Egypt who had the Jews under severe enslavement being that he's always been popular for playing that "Black evil man" role.

Joshua = Cuba Goodin Jr

God dont play...One mistake and its a wrap...Moses did one thing wrong(smiting the rock) and God was like "O you hit the rock when u were supposed to just talk to it..Fine..Now u will die before reaching the promised land." So being that it was Moses fate to never reach the promised land Joshua was assigned to pick up where Moses left of after he died. Cuba comes off like the type who would take on such a heavy task.


3rd installment, Movie title: Judges & Kings

summer 2014

Naomi = Regina King

Ruth = Rochelle Aytes

Regina King just has that seasoned look like she's been thru a lot while Rochell looks like the type of wife who would stay loyal to her family no matter what.

Samson = Bobby Lashly

Bobby comes off like a strong yet Naive guy.....Put some dreads on him and he will bring the character of Samson to life

Delilah = Meagan Good

Meagan looks like the type of female were the average man would just break down and tell all his secrets to her while in the bed.

Eli = Bill Nunn

Eli was described as old and heavy set when he fell over in his chair, broke his neck and died. This is Bill Nunn all day.

young Samuel = Nathan Corbett

Samuel = Saul Williams

The prophet Samuel was able to communicate with God as a kid. He would later be guided by God to deal with the hard headed Isrealites who were so mentally enslaved by false gods that they thought they would need a king as an image to stay focused on God when all they needed was self discipline and loyalty. I can see Saul williams preaching prophecy in a poetic and captivating manner.

Young Saul = Denzel Washingstons Son

Saul = Denzel Washington

Saul was described as the most handsome man in all the land. So judging from 2 decades of female popular vote and his great acting skills, Denzel Washington is fit to play the role of the warrior King Saul. Saul at one minute was cool, the next minute that evil spirit would jump in him and he was quick to grab a spear and just chuck it hoping to stick a person on the
wall with it. The stories of Saul and David are filled with battles and war so this movie would be chock full of violence and gore.

Goliath = Kimbo Slice

Kimbo had everyone shook...Just like Goliath did, that is until Kimbo met his match in the form of a guy named Seth. For Goliath, his match was young David and his sling shot. Computer generate Kimbo to be 20 feet tall and we've got ourselves a Goliath

Young David = Michael Lee

David = Michael Jai White

David was a warrior. As a kid he destroyed a bear and a lion with his bear hands courtesy of God putting that spirit in him. The same spirit God had once put in Saul which was now removed. After David killed Goliath in front of Goliaths army and Sauls army, the people instantly knew God was in him and the people started showing David more love then Saul which would eventually lead to saul hating David with a passion. Michael jai has the look of someone who could seriously hold that David character down.

Jonathan (Sauls son) = Michael Ealy

Jonathan was Davids good friend. Only one problem, he was also Sauls son. Johny boy knew his pops had a bad spirit in him and thats why he was riding with David on the low. Michael looks like one of them "loyal to the cause" type of cats

Joab = Michael Clarke Duncan

This backstabbing bastard was Davids general. He started off loyal but then he slowly shows his true colors towards the end. You kind of feel happy about Solomon ordering him to be killed in the end, sorta like how Duncan got taken out in the "Sin City."

Bathsheeba(mother of Solomon) = Esther Baxter

U have to ask yourself "the visual of Bathsheeba's body while in the shower must have been something serious for David, a man of God, to just say "F*ck it. I'ma have her husband killed just so I can hit that." Esther Baxter is the only person I can think of who's body could possibly do that. And yes I'm using the term shower even tho the Bible says Bathe but when u think about it, they did have showers during that era and it would make more sense for a man to get turned on by a woman showering then to be teased with her body hidden in water.

Amnon (Davids son) = Brian J. White

God cursed Davids house due to him having Bathsheebas husband killed just so he could have that one night stand with her. The curse began with the death of the baby which was concieved during Bathsheeba and David's affair. The curse would then continue with Amnon having a strong lustful obsession with his sister Tamar. Amnons obsession would soon drive him to rape tamar, his sister and Brian White just has those "crazy eyes" that gives him the look of someone who would rape his sister.

Tamar (Davids daughter) = That Noxzema Girl

Tamar is described as a beautiful young virgin and That Noxzema girl has that look down perfect.

Absolom (Davids son) = Vin Diesel

The curse on Davids house would continue by Absolom having Amnon killed for raping his siter Tamar. Absolom would soon lead a rebellion against his father and convince a great amount of Isreal to ride along causing David to flee from his own kingdom. Absolom was so obsessed about tainting his fathers position that he went as far as to publicly have sex with his fathers wives. But that was part of Gods curse and David was still the blessed one so Absolom would eventually be taken down due to his evil heart. While riding thru the woods his hair got stuck in a tree and being trapped Jaob, against David's wishes go figure, would eventually find him and kill Absolom with 3 arrows to the chest while he was hanging in the tree. Vin Diesel looks the role of a "go all out" soldier type. He would have to don a long dreadlock wig to properly play the part of course.

Adonijah (David's son) = Clifton Powell

The way Clifton played bad guy characters who get played out in the movies "Menece II Society" and "Woman Thou Art Loosed" I could see him fitting the role of Adonijah. Falling to his knees and crawling like a mouse hoping that Solomon would spare him his life after he wrongfully claimed heir to the thrown without Davids blessing.

Solomon (Davids son and successor) = Tariq Nasheed

Farrah Frankiln(top picture, far right) had a promising career as the new member of Destinys Child. Along comes this guy named Tariq who must have said something serious convincing her that it would be cool to take a picture of her and 2 other girls surrounding Tariq like if he was 'pimp of the year' for the cover of his how to guide book for macking women. And its no coincidence that immedietly after this book hit the scene she was fired from Destinys Child faster then when she got put on. A great of example of mind game skills. King Solomon used his wisdom and mind game tactics to judge his people which would leave him with the legacy of the wisest man on earth. Solomon used his wisdom for good and his mind game tactics once was able to solve a case where 2 women were claiming motherhood of the same baby. Using a mind game tactic which consisted of solving the matter by ordering the baby cut in half and awarding the split baby to both women he was able to fish out the real mother. Solomons' downfall was due to strange gods he started worshipping courtesy of the numerous wives who turned his heart away from God. He let the women destroy his whoel gig (sorta like the opposite role of what happened to Farrah Franklin) So Tariq being a man who has knowledge on how to deal with numerous types of women on top of being the "mind player" that he is, he would play the role of Solomon well.

Queen Of Sheba = Hallie Berry

Do I really need to explain why Hallie would be perfect as the Queen Of Sheba?


4th installment, Movie Title: The Prophets

winter 2015

Elijah = Forest Whitaker

Elijah was the first Biblical figure to raise the dead. I can see Forest Whiteker making one of those creepy smirks as he says to the general of the army "If I am a man of God, let fire come down from heaven and consume you and your fifty." right before the fire comes down from the sky and consumes those 50 soldiers.

Elisha = Mekhi Phifer

Elijahs advocate.....Elisha pulled off a lot of wonders after Elijah was wisked away in that whilrwind that sent him to heaven. Mekhi could pull this one off.

King Ahab = Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs has shown in movies that he can play the role of a warrior but yet at the same time something about his style gives off the impression that he can be a pushover. It was Jezzebel who was pulling King Ahabs strings....She was the one who had the negative influencew while King Ahab was just the face, the puppet.

Millie Jackson = Jezzebel

For some reason Jezzebels name in todays society is associated with being a loose woman a.k.a. a whore. But jezzebels evil deeds didn't involve being a slut ho...In actuality she was a loyal wife. Her crime against humanity was the killing of the prophets along with being an idol worshipper. Imagine someone gathering Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King jr, Bruce Lee, and Bob Marley and having them killed all at once. Thats what Jezzebels' evil deeds were. Millie jackson is perfect because Milli was the 70's version of what the 2Live Crew were in the late 80's/early 90's. Yeah she was raunchy but her bad rep was over exagerrated by the times. Millie took it there like no other woman would during her time. What Millie did was considered unladylike yet she still had her followers just like Jezzeble. Plus Millie looks like she probably has had a body on her gun so thats why she would be perfect.

Judith = Jada Pinckett

Jada looks like she has the capability to cut someone's head off with a sword.

Shillae Anderson =  Queen Esther

The king was tricked into settin up the Jews to be slaughtered in mass numbers, this was way before the Nazi's in the 1930's. Queen Esther intervened and saved the Jews. Shillae just gives off the impression that she might be the type of wife who could keep pushing thru the biggest of dilemmas. Esther is also described as being stunningly beautiful and Shillaes looks fulfills such a description to a T.  Esthers story is kinda deep cuz it points out how the masses follow the ways of the highest official and thats a good sign for Barack Obama cuz when Bush was in office he was out of whack so the country went out of whack. So if Obama is on point the country will be on point cuz the president is comparable to a king.

Job = DMX

The book of Job is overall a story about a man going thru hell in life yet he still prasies God as being the greatest even tho it would seem as if God had abandoned him. I cant think of anyone who can bring as much passion when doing prayers other then DMX. Job one minute was rich..the next minute he was poor and his children were killed and his body covered in boils. I can see DMX really playing this role to a T.

King Nebuchadnezzar = Star

Nebuchadnezzar was no joke. He just laid seige to Jerusalem and took over. He hailed as one of the most powerful kings. He was an idol worshipper who made the peope look upon him as divine, that was until God put the boots in him and turned him into an ox like beast. Star is one of the greatest entertainers of our era. He overshadowed the king of terrestrial radio, Howard Stern, which shows great skill because for one to be able to keep the attention of the masses thru radio when TV and computers are the go to for enetertainment says a lot. So in a way he became king. Star belittled so called gangster rappers with no retaliation, even Jay Z fell out of character trying to attack him. And everytime you thought he was finished he just came back even stronger. And just like Nebuchadnezzar, Star only recognizes himself as divine and he had his following. In the end Stars name will be recognized as one of the greats, just like Nebuchadnezzar.

KRS 1 = Ezekiel

KRS One is the only respected artist I know who is a well known political/spiritual observer who coincidently made his comeback to music with an album titled "Sneak Attack" filled with spiritual overtones and fatherly wisdom right before September 11th. KRS then took audeiences on a musical journey which challenged and invoked one's conscious on a metaphysical level with an album called "Spiritual Minded" right after September 11th. The "spirutaul Minded" album was a redirection of his most popular album titled "Criminal Minded." Hip Hop itself was the biggest selling music in the world in 2001 meaning Hip Hop as a musical force had the attention of the majority of the masses and KRS is like a father figure in rap music so his return was like a sign from the heavens sent as a warning during a time when no one in Hip Hop was on such a level. Was that coincidental? Or was it divine? Ezekiels story involves predicting destruction and then after that came to pass he would established divine rule. Thats why KRS would be prefect as Ezekiel.

Daniel = Don Cheadle

In the story of Daniel in the lions den, Daniel was humble to the end. Don Cheadle showed courage in the face of death in Hotel Rwanda so The Don could pull this role off.

Jonah = Will Smith

The chapter containing the story of Jonah and the Big Fish (not whale as some believe) is only 4 pages long yet this story is very popular amongst the believers for its overall messege of not running away from your calling. And Will Smith is always good at playing in those "THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO END" movies.


5th installment, Movie Title: The Gospel Of Jesus christ

December 25th 2015

Joseph (father of Jesus) = Leon

Leon looked the role of Jesus in Madonna's "Like a Prayer" video but that was 89...In 2013 Leon is in his mid 40's and Jesus died at 33 so that doesn't work. But that does qualify him as Jesus' dad.

young Virgin Mary = Logan Browning

Mary(Mother Of Jesus) = Vanessa Williams

Vanessa is soft spoken yet stern as would be the qualities of Mary. And her presence is respect demanding yet alluring, another quality assumed of Mary.

John The Baptist = Gary Dourdan

This guy has the look of someone who'd eat grasshoppers and honey

Jesus Christ = Ryan Gentles

Jesus...The legacy.....The most popular man on the planet Earth. This was the man who was expelling demons out of people, turned water into wine, healed the lepors, blind and crippled and he raised the dead. There are Gospels that aren't recognized such as The Gospel Of Thomas which has been disregarded possibly because in those Gospels when Jesus refered to the kingdom of heaven being within he was saying that the same thing in him was in all of us. Basically co-signing what was said in Genesis about Man being made in God's image. The part where Peter walks on water gives hints at that but the belief that regular people and Jesus are equal isn't popular amongst most Christian believers. Muslims believe in Jesus but they don't believe that Jesus was God but a prophet in the same light as Abraham, Moses and Elijah. The movie The Passion Of The Christ didnt really tell the story of Jesus. That movie was about Jesus getting his a** beat when that was only a short section of The Gospels. Jesus' works and what he stood for was never portrayed In that movie. Broken down, Jesus traveled from town to town healing people and preaching that God is within. When he was put on trial and charged with blasphemy (He claimed he was God yet as i said before in the omitted Gospels we are all God) crucified, died, was ressurected from the dead, hung out with his disciples after he came back from the dead and then was taken into heaven where he, according to the scriptures, now resides. Satan himself doesn't make that many appearences in The Bible...He was there to seduce Eve and he shows up in Revelations in the form of a dragon when the world comes to an end but other then that Satan hismelf doesn't make many appearences in The Bible. He only shows up when its a seriously spiritual battle and being that Satan shows himself to Jesus it puts Jesus in a prespective of imporatance. Jesus represented a man who mastered himself 100%. Jesus represented what man is when he lets his high thinking dominate his mind and body. Wether you believe all of that or not, I called it way before Mr Brown said it in that Tyler Perry play. If there's ever a movie on a Black Jesus this guy has to play the part. He was the guy in Jennifer Hudsons video "Spotlight." His face is hard yet gentle, sorta like what the real Christ would resemble. And unlike the long haired Luke Perry version that is most popular across the globe Ryan Gentles actually has the body build of someone who would be a carpenter. Ryan is Jesus hands down.

12 Disciples:

Peter = Terrence Howard
Peter was Jesus' right hand man He was the one who lost focus and fell when Jesus told him he too could walk on water. He was the one who denied Jesus 3 times as Jesus had prophecized (Tho Peter must have really felt bad about that cuz when they came to arrest Jesus Peter pulled out his sword and chopped of the ear of one of the officers. In which Jesus responded by touching the officers ear causing his severed ear to magically reappear, go figure)Peter was also the one who took charge after Jesus'ascension into heaven. This character has Terrence Howard written all over it.

Andrew (Peters brother) = JD Williams

James = Malik Barnhardt

John = Wood Harris

Philip = Glenn Plummer

Bartholomew = Glynn Turman

Thomas = Harry J. Lennix
This guy just seems like the type who would constantly question things. A real doubter looking type.

Levi aka Matthiew the Tax Collector = Dennis Haysbert

Dennis is a go as Matthiew due to him seriously having the look of a Black republican who would have a job as a high ranking official in the I.R.S.

James2 = James McDaniel

Thadeous = Gary Anthony Sturgis

Simon = Bokeem Woodbine

Judas = Isaiah Washington
Something about the way this guy looks just gives off the impression of someone who would do a serious snake move behind your back This guy is Judas reincarnated.

Louis Gosset Jr = Lazarus

Lazraus was very old. And if you seen the movie "Daddy's Little Girls" you'd agree that Louis Gosset is very old.

Pontius Pilot = Russel Crow

With his "Gladiator" demeanor and the way he went all out to destroy the Black man with clout in "American Gangster", I can see Russel Crow pulling off a convincing role as the Roman Governor who sentenced Jesus to death.


Mary Magdalen = Kerry Washington

I've watched Kerry pull of being a stank ho in the movie "I Think I love My Wife" as well as do a 180 and play the role of dedicated and loyal woman in the movie "Ray." Kerry and Mary just go together

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